Vardenafil Dosage: How Do You Know If It’s Right For You?

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Erectile dysfunction is a commonly heard condition that can be viewed in heavily negative light, especially by aging men. While there are plenty of ways to treat erectile dysfunction, such as vascular reconstructive surgery for penile arteries and implants or prosthesis for your male organ, many of these can sound very unflattering or even terrify men. Even speaking to your doctor about ED can be a discussion they would rather never have happen. However, the most favored way of dealing with the problem is the easiest, which is ED pills such as Vardenafil.

If you are someone who has had a great deal of experience with ED pills, the name Vardenafil would be familiar as it is the generic drug for Levitra, one of the three most prominently advertised ED pills in the world today. The drug is extremely similar to Viagra in the way it works as well as the effects and even side effects it gives the user. While ‘generic’ usually has a less than favorable connotation, generics are a much more affordable drug compared to the usual brands, the prices of which are blown up in comparison due to their lack of competition in places like the US.

Generic Vardenafil at its Finest

Let’s talk dosage. Compared to Viagra, Vardenafil comes in much lower doses of 5, 10 and 20 mg for a pill. There are a few simple things to keep in mind about taking your recommended dosage. When you first meet your doctor, they will most likely recommend the 10 mg dose initially. This is a generally safe dose to start with, and later on, after getting your first taste and getting a feel of the effects, you could be advised to increase or decrease your dose depending on how well it worked for you.

Vardenafil Dosage 40 Mg

There are some men that have found that even when taking 20 mg, the changes were negligible and they opted to try a higher dose of Vardenafil to hopefully help with their ED. While there are 40 mg doses that exist for generic Vardenafil tablets, these are unfortunately not sold in the US. Studies have found that doses of 80 mg or double doses of 40 mg would result in human subjects experiencing severe back pain, though while reversible, was still a threat to a man’s health. Therefore, this sort of dose is not recommended.

Indian Pharmacies sometimes sell Vardenafil at 40 mg

A few additional things that need to be known for taking Vardenafil is the fact that it has several drug interactions with other medications. These can have very negative effects on the person taking them, so for safety and to reduce toxicity to overdoses, Vardenafil is not prescribed at more the 5 mg if the person has other medications taken. Lower doses are also prescribed for men with poor liver function, as it is this organ that synthesizes and cleans out the blood of any pharmaceutical residue. Men with heart conditions, severe liver damage and a host of other health problems are also not advised to take Vardenafil and find alternatives. This is why having a session with your doctor is vital, as it can tell you whether you are even able to take these pills.

How Long Does Vardenafil Last?

Vardenafil usually takes less time than Viagra to take effect, which is about 30 minutes or less. While the values are different for everyone, the effects of Vardenafil can last for up to 5 hours after you ingest the pill. Within this span of time, becoming sexually stimulated will ideally result in producing a hardened erection that can last much longer during sexual intercourse. Some men have reported taking their recommended dose and having the effects persist for much longer than 5 hours, while others have experienced less than 4 hours of benefits.

While Both are Similar, Levitra usually takes Less Time to Set in

Compared to taking Viagra, it seems that food and drink intake do not affect the potency of Vardenafil. Aside from knowing how long it lasts, it is important to know that you should not take more than one pill of the recommended dose at any given time unless your doctor has advised you to do so. Levitra and Vardenafil should only be taken as needed and a time period of 24 hours should be set before taking another dose to prevent any major adverse side effects.


While there are plenty of ED pills out there that have the ability to restore a man to their former sexual prowess and help them feel confident in bed, one of the best and most trusted by far is Vardenafil. Known more commonly as Levitra, which is the brand name drug, Vardenafil can help you fight back against ED for several hours and enjoy sexual intercourse again without the worries of going limp before the session ends. There are many doses available, which are individually selected by your doctor to help you get the most benefits while experiencing minimal side effects. As long as you take your meds the way they are meant to be taken and follow your physician’s instructions, there is no reason for you to worry.

Due to the growing popularity of ED pills and the ease with which they can be made, there are a fair number of online pharmacies that have started selling counterfeits of famous ED pills. There are a good number of effective generics out there, but their name is tarnished by the online scams that have been discouraging buyers from shopping for medications online. However, if you simply take the time to research and look for licensed vendors, then you can happily shop online, especially since the prices for medications are much lower than usual. You can check the recommendations list of our best online pharmacies and take your pick.

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