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Erectile dysfunction- every man comes to a point in their lives when they might worry about not being able to perform in bed anymore. It’s not only men who are in their golden years and beyond who have to worry about this. Several men who are young adults from their 20’s to 40’s are also dealing with a less than satisfactory performance in the bedroom, and ED can be caused by a myriad of health problems like high blood pressure and heart problems, or stress like losing a job or going through bad experiences. That’s why it’s so important that in this day and age, we have so many offers for our medications, such as getting free Levitra for a trial.

Let’s face it: ED pills aren’t cheap, especially not when you’re a man who needs them near daily, or if you’ve previously been sexually active. Sometimes an ED pill is the only way to get us back in action again, but you often have to pay straight out of pocket to get these pills. Thankfully, there are several pharmacies out there that cater to these concerns, and for first-time consumers, they will offer a free trial pack of ED pills. This is so that a buyer can find out whether they would really want to pay that much money in the long run for such a product.

A Relative Newcomer when Compared to Viagra and Cialis

Levitra is another ED pill in the market, along with Viagra and Cialis. Levitra’s generic form is Vardenafil, and the drug has been gaining popularity in all parts of the world, most especially in Italy and India. Just like other members of the ED-treating family, Vardenafil acts as a PDE5-inhibitor, so it acts to relax blood vessels and improve blood flow, thereby increasing the amount of blood that can make it to the penis in order to make erections better and harder.

ED Trial Pack Generic

Aside from having trial packs for one specific drug, pharmacies will offer package deals. That is, they will give you the opportunity to try out several different drugs out so that you can find your best match. Perhaps your body synchronizes better with one drug than with the other drug?

ED Trial Pack Generic from Viabestbuy Shop

When it comes to trial packs, ViaBestBuy and other legitimate online vendors of ED medications don’t fool around. They can give you free samples, as many as ten pills of your preferred prescription drug and send it straight to your door as long as your pay the meager shipping fee. They will also have a few different dosages of the same drug to allow you to find the one that gives you the perfect blend of maximum potency and minimum side effects.

These and Many More Deals are At Your Fingertips

Of course, it is not advised to take different pills all at the same time. Studies have shown that because medications like Viagra and Levitra have the same mechanism of action, taking multiple at once will not increase the benefits but will only perpetuate severe side effects that come from overdosing. Talk to your doctor about other medications you’re taking, as well as health conditions you have that may react negatively to taking ED pills.

Levitra Cost Per Pill

Although Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are the ‘Big Three’ when it comes to ED treatment, as they are sold everywhere, there is difference on how much they sell for, and it’s usually because of the following:

  • What you buy will reveal a huge difference in product prices. Even though these products do essentially the same thing and have the same general effect on the body, you can see tell that, with Viagra having led the charge for so long, it is easily the most sought-after and thus is usually the most expensive. Cialis comes at a close second, while Levitra comes in third since it’s not as well-known as its predecessors.
  • Where you buy can often be a big factor for price. Different pharmacy chains will be selling at different rates, and if you’ve ever bought your own pills from different stores, then you know that some will sell them cheaper than others. Buying online can also be much more cost-effective than searching for your pills on foot. The internet is readily accessible, and, as such, pharmacies can sell more and drop their prices lower to attract more buyers. Thus, you can find some of the best prices online.
  • When you buy is another factor you have to look out for since each pharmacy has their own unique sale days and promotions, so finding out the cheapest days to buy your pills at a specific store will help you spend much less.

Get More out of Your Money by Buying Smart

On average, Levitra pills will cost a range of $15 to $20 at your local pharmacy per pill. It will cost much less if you decide to buy the generic version, Vardenafil. Generally speaking, Levitra is the cheapest among the three, so if you decide to go for this drug, be sure you have the prescription in order to purchase it. For the best prices, have a look at the list of top line pharmacies we’ve prepared to get you started.


When it comes to ED, you have to balance the effectiveness and the cost, so taking free trials can be a huge help for you to discover what you need. These free trials are no joke! In fact, you can find several of them at websites like ViaBestBuy and many more. They can send you as many as 10 of their best pills for you to sample and experience the results for yourself, plus many more discounts and sales for returning customers. You can be assured that these websites are the real deal because they have the government-sanctioned seals of approval right on their homepages. Many big chain pharmacies and their online sites also host a number of great deals and discounts that buyers can use to lower the price to affordable levels.

If you want to know about more online pharmacies where you can find irresistible offers like these, like ViaBestBuy to name one, then check our recommendations list of trustworthy online vendors. It is illegal to purchase such important medications without a valid prescription, so be wary of any online vendors that will insist on being able to sell you these sorts of products over the counter.

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