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Online Pills pharmacy network has managed to grow worldwide for the past 17 years. By looking at the countries the people who have left their reviews reside in, you will realize that this is a pharmacy network shipping their meds to all parts of the world. Achieving such a significant growth is not possible unless you are giving great services. Pharmacies which have tried to scam people on the web in the past have ended dying in a very short period of time.

Online Pills pharmacy network was founded in the year 2001 by the Canadian Pharmacy Limited. It is made up of a large number of online pharmacies which look like each other. This means that the drugs you will get on all these sites will be similar and they will have the same price. The major goal of establishing pharmacy sites that resemble each other and placing them on different domain addresses is to allow the Canadian pharmacy limited to sell its meds to more people and hence make a bigger profit while helping more people save money on their drugs.

The pharmacies in the Online Pills drugstore network are currently operating under the international license # 11111010 which was issued to the Canadian pharmacy network back on 17th August 2017. This proves that this company follows the law which separates it from all the other drug stores which operate against the law and try to make their money by ripping unsuspecting customers off. The fact that Online Pills sites are licensed shows that you can be safe when you are ordering from the pharmacy network.

Online Pills Reviews

The common problem with people who get scammed on a regular basis by online pharmacies is that they trust these sites based on how they look. Looks can be deceiving. Fake pharmacies often look real online. What you need to do in order to distance yourself from the scammers is to find the testimonials. Real people write the testimonials. This makes them a better way to judge the pharmacy. After looking at the testimonials written for Online Pills pharmacy network, we verified that this is a network worth trusting. Here are some of the reviews:

Online Pills User Comments

Often, people only order for the first time and then never order again. This is triggered by the fact that most of the online drug stores offer mediocre services. However, this is not the case with Online Pills. Leeroy has already ordered three times from the drugstore network. He has never had to get bored while waiting for the meds. They arrived quickly. The contents present in the package were okay and he managed to save his money.

When compared to buying meds from the local pharmacies, Charles has noticed that there are much more savings to enjoy when using Online Pills pharmacy network. On top of this, the orders arrive together with some free pills. The pills that Jessica was looking for were available at the Online Pills pharmacy sites and they were being sold at a price she could afford.

Online Pills Online

It is pretty hard nowadays to locate an online pharmacy that does not require you to waste your time while looking for a doctor to write you a prescription for a drug you already know how to use. These may be as simple as some painkillers. Online Pills has eliminated the need for prescriptions. You will get all your meds regardless of whether they are painkillers or they are over the counter meds without faxing a prescription.

You will get all types of medications in the Online Pills drugstore network. You will get over the counter meds, prescription meds, herbal medication, and supplements. The only thing you will not get is non-FDA approved meds and narcotics.

To solve the problem of having to create an account and have to remember yet another password, Online Pills allows buyers to check out their meds without creating an account. This saves you time and makes the ordering process even smoother. Your drugs will be delivered to your doorstep in a period that does not exceed 21 days. While the drugs are being shipped, you will be kept up to date.

Online Pills Coupon Codes

Coupon codes for Online Pills drugstore network are not available. However, the coupons are not the only way to save on your meds when you are using this amazing pharmacy network. First, the price for each pill reduces as the buyer increase the number of pills he or she adds to the cart. This offers a huge discount. Second, there is the following offer:

Online Pills Special Offer

Getting 10 pills of brand Viagra and 10 pills of brand Cialis at only $46.16 is unheard of especially in the local stores where a pill of both drugs will cost the buyer 70 dollars. The offer gives you huge savings. You also get free pills. Free shipping is available for all orders that cost over $200.

Online Pills Phone Numbers

Most online drugstores will hide their contact details because they have things to hide from their customers. Online Pills pharmacy network has nothing to hide. This is why they display the following two telephone numbers on all of their pages:

  • +1 718 487 9792 (US customers and international)
  • +4420 3239 7092 (UK)

You also get to send an email by visiting the contact page and filling out the form available and clicking the green send button.

Online Pills Spam and Phone Calls

There are numerous people complaining about online pharmacies spamming them. However, there are exactly zero people complaining they have been spammed by Online Pills drugstores. This shows that you will also never receive spam emails and calls from the drugstore network.


Online Pills is a pharmacy network you can shop from without fearing anything. We rate the drugstore network 5 stars. The only thing you have to be careful about is the scam sites which have stolen the look that Online Pills pharmacy sites have on them. People have been able to avoid them quite easily by only using proven domain addresses.

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