Hippigra 100mg Review: Well-Researched Brand Still Didn’t Deserve any Popularity

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Hippigra 100mg Review

Hippigra 100mg Review

Brand: Hippigra 100mg

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Samjin

Country of Manufacture: Korea 

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Review and Description

Hippigra 100 mg is a blue colored pill, with 100 embedded on one side and SJ on another side, it is marked in the center for breaking the tablet into two if needed. The product comprises of sildenafil, well known as Viagra. It increased the levels of cGMP in male genitals, thus promoting the action of nitric oxide on blood vessels of the penis, the result of this action is increased pressure of blood in penis and erection. For this whole effect to occur, the sexual stimulus is a must.

This product is widely available in Hong Kong, where the company LSB distributes it. LSB does not have manufacturing unit of its own. Thus it gets this product made in Korea by the corporation called Samjin Pharm Co. Ltd. Samjin is a highly research oriented company of Korea and has been working in the country for more than 50 years. It is a corporation with a large focus on biotech business and research. Samjin is not much known for making generics. It is rather a firm that focuses on finding the new drugs for difficult to treat medical conditions, like diabetes or various forms of cancers. Thus Hippigra is some of the very few generics that this company makes. It seems that Samjin makes generics mainly for export, or for sale through its partner companies. Samjin as an enterprise does not have much interest in the sale of generics for male health.

Samjin has won many national awards in Korea, but these awards were given mainly for research in various biotechnological areas. Its manufacturing facilities are WHO GMP and PIC/S approved, which speaks about the high standards that the company follows.

Customer Reviews

As already mentioned that Hippigra is a product that is distributed by Hong Kong company but produced by Korean company with major interest in biotech research, thus no surprise that Hippigra is not much promoted via online marketing. Though the product may be good, we have no certain way to say that, as online reviews are missing.

Our search revealed that product is mostly sold in Hong Kong, with limited sales to various countries through the websites and online shops for male sexual health. Overall impression about the manufacturer is not very wrong, but there could be several reasons why no one ever left any reviews about this product. It is no secret that many pharmaceutical companies are either slow or reluctant to embrace the digital marketing, fearing backlash from the regulatory bodies in their country. It could be one of the possible reasons that Hippigra is no reviewed.

Pricing and Dosage

Hippigra is a moderately priced pill, though not cheap in small orders having a starting price of 4.8 USD for a 100 mg pill, on large orders, huge discounts are given and this price tag may come down to as less as 1.28 USD for a single 100 mg tablet. Added to this some of the sellers may give bonus gifts and free shipping.

Though the 100 mg is the most efficient dosage of Hippigra, many men may not need that much. What is right about the Hippigra is that it can be easily broken down into two parts, as 50 mg may be enough for many men, above that it will result in cost saving too.

How to Buy Hippigra 100mg Online

How to Buy Hippigra 100mg Online

Though the drug is not much reviewed, its sales have picked up on various online pharmacies in recent times, making the Hippigra widely available. So whether you are looking forward to starting the therapy, or looking for a change, getting this product will not be a barrier for your plans. The only thing to keep in mind is that this product is not very cheap in smaller quantities, though amazing discounts are there for bulk orders.

How to Use

Hippigra 100 mg does not differ from Viagra in any way. Thus all the indications and ways of using the drug remains the same. Most medics agree that if a person is taking this pill for the first time, then the best dosage to start with is 50 mg once a day, taken before the sex, preferably at the interval of about an hour. So that pill has enough time to get absorbed and work. It works better on empty stomach and alcohol to be avoided for best results.

Side Effects

This drug is safe even in long-term therapy, though few counted mild side effects are commonly reported, like headaches, stuffy nose or facial flushing. Very few people may also feel blurring of vision. Other audio and visual disturbances are rare but may serve as a reason to discontinue the therapy.

This drug is regarded as safe for the heart, but due to its effect of decreasing blood pressure a bit, some specific contingent of patients may need to consult the doctor before taking Hippigra.

Conclusion with Rating

Hippigra 100 mg is created to recover your lost pride and make you feel happy with your sexual life. This Sildenafil containing tablet is an excellent solution for those suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is also good in premature ejaculation, helping men to have prolonged pleasure. This product can be helpful in some other conditions like pulmonary arterial hypertension too. Many other uses of this versatile drug are still being investigated.

Samjin Pharma Co. Ltd. is a research focused enterprise and is highly decorated with various trophies from the Korean government. However, its main focus is biotech products rather than generics for male health. Export activities of the company are limited, having few dedicated partners in neighboring nations. Apart from all this, it is not very affordable in smaller quantities. Thus we give it a 4-star rating, a product that is certainly worth giving a try. Moreover, for those with problems of heart or blood vessels, it would be better to ask a doctor before taking this medication.

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