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Fildena is one of the medications which cropped up after all other companies were allowed to start producing sildenafil citrate in 2013. This particular brand originates from a company located in India known as Fortune Healthcare. This drug is available in various forms which favor different people’s preferences. The drug is available in the form of normal pills, it is available in the form of fruit chews which usually have fruits flavors. The major fruit flavors include pineapple, strawberry, banana, and apple. Fildena is also available in the form of Extra power pills which contain 150 mg. These usually favor people who suffer from severe erectile dysfunction.

This drug is available in the form of Fildena super active and professional tablets. Fortune Healthcare has a pill known as the Fildena Chew tablet which contains a mint flavor. The professional tablets are usually consumed by placing them under the tongue and allowing them to melt slowly while the Super Active version is swallowed. All these versions of Fildena are made up of sildenafil citrate as the component that will work once the medication is in your bloodstream. Fildena has proven to work for millions of men who have already used it. However, one crucial detail these men follow in order to achieve success with the medications is taking it at the best dosage. What is this best dosage?

Fildena Dosage

Fildena dosage will vary from man to man. This means that you should never try to guess the dosage or try to take the drug at a certain dosage because it was effective for one of your friends. Instead, seek a health professional’s advice on the correct dosage for you. The minimum dosage which is prescribed to men is 25mg. The maximum dosage is 100 mg. The starting dosage is usually the 50mg pills. This starting dosage is subject to adjustment.

The doctor will depend on the feedback you provide after taking the initial dosage. If you take the initial dosage and it works fine for you, adjustments will not be necessary. If you find that you aren’t gaining a strong enough erection, the dosage will be increased. It will be decreased if you are experiencing a lot of adverse effects.

At a dosage of 100 mg and below, Fildena will work fine for the majority of males. But, for men who have severe impotence, the drug might not work. For this reason, Fildena Extra power which contains an extra 50mg sildenafil citrate is made available. The drug contains 150mg sildenafil citrate. This drug is usually prescribed only on special occasions where the user is experiencing severe impotence.

Fildena should always be taken about an hour before intercourse. It should be taken once per day. You should ensure that you use the drug correctly. Don’t swallow a tablet that is supposed to be melted under the tongue (Fildena professional), Don’t Swallow chewable tablets before chewing them, and don’t chew the Fildena regular tablets.

Where to Buy Fildena

All versions of Fildena are available in the online drug stores. When purchasing your medications, online stores don’t ask for prescriptions. This makes the process even easier. All you have to do when you head online is to select your medication, pay for the package that you want and place an order. Fildena is inexpensive. For referential purposes since all other Fildena versions are almost sold at the same price, we have indicated the price for Fildena 100 mg:

Fildena 100 mg price

The key thing to do when you wish to save more money when you are buying your drugs online is to purchase your drugs in bulk. Instead of buying the thirty-pill package, buy the 270-pill package at a price of $0.83 per pill and get a chance to save $222.75.

Don’t make your purchase from random stores. Doing so can place you at a risk of losing money and your health. Scammers want money illegitimately. What they do when you place your order is to ship counterfeit drugs. These drugs have been known to cause significant harm to men who use them. As a safety precaution, ensure that your drugs come from an online drugstore that has an established reputation and this reputation can be proven by looking at the number of clients who buy from them. The top vendors that we encourage you to buy from have millions of repeat clients and numerous endorsements from well-known health agencies.

Fildena Side Effects

If you got your drug from a genuine store and you are using it correctly, then, there is no need to worry about side effects. Even if you experience some side effects, they will be mild and they will disappear within a short period of time. The few men who experience some mild side effects, the side effects include a stuffy nose, a mild headache, nausea, vomiting, and flushing.


Fildena Super Active

Overdosing on Fildena is another issue. The resulting adverse effects are heavy. They will include Priapism, irregular heartbeat, blindness, and deafness. Seeking medical attention as soon as you notice something peculiar with your health can help fix any serious side effect before it proceeds to a fatal stage.


Fildena is one of the top medications trusted by men who want to treat erectile dysfunction. It contains sildenafil citrate. The medication is available in numerous versions. This means that you have a chance to choose a version that suits you. Fildena is developed and distributed by Fortune Healthcare Pharmaceuticals which is located in India. Men who have used any one of the versions made available to them report significant improvement in their sex life. This means that you can purchase this medication and trust that your sex life will never be the same again. If you decide to buy this drug today, you need to do it online in order to save money. However, you can’t be sure who is real and who is looking to steal from you on the web where all the pharmacies present look the same. Instead of trying to purchase your drug from a drugstore that you are not sure about its history, buy from a pharmacy that has already been investigated and the quality of services and drugs they supply determined. Consider ordering your Fildena from one of the top-rated sellers we have in our catalog. All the pharmacies in this catalog have been proven to offer great services and products.

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