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Fildena Fruit Chew 100mg package

Fildena Fruit Chew is another great product manufactured by Fortune Health Care, a generic manufacturing company located in India. Unlike other Fildena pills which should be ingested with water, a Fildena Fruit Chew tablet should be put under the tongue and allowed to dissolve into the membrane as you swallow.

Fildena Fruit Chew’s main chemical component is Sildenafil Citrate, a similar ingredient in the brand Viagra which makes it function in the same way in treating erectile dysfunction. They also belong to the same drug group which is the PDE5 inhibitors which effectively treat erectile dysfunction by widening the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis, while constricting those that take blood out of the penis. In doing this, there will be a massive buildup of blood in the penis making it appear engorged. Once sexual stimulation takes place; holding and maintaining an erection will be made possible.

Fildena Fruit Chew tablets are fruit flavored making them very friendly and easy to dissolve in the mouth. They are a great option for that man who is unable to swallow or simply dislikes swallowing pills.

Advantages of Fildena Chewable Tablets

Below are reasons why Fildena Fruit Chew tablets are preferred by men over the other Fildena pills:

  • The pills are available in different flavors which ensure that you will not feel the undesirable taste found in ordinary pills. This makes it very easy to consume.
  • Fildena Fruit Chew tablets are immediately dissolved in the membrane, unlike ordinary pills which have to undergo the normal metabolic process on swallowing.
  • The working of Fildena Fruit chews tablets is much faster as once it is dissolved, it gets into the bloodstream immediately through membrane found in the mouth.
  • The drug can be taken by those who have difficulties in swallowing pills.
  • You can take Fildena Fruit Chew anywhere without arousing suspicion as you will just put in your mouth just like an ordinary sweet. For other pills, people have to know that you are taking a drug as you have to look for water to aid in swallowing the pill.
  • Despite having a different mode of consumption, Fildena Fruit chew tablets works in the same way as the ordinary pills as their effectiveness is not compromised when the flavors are added.

Though Fildena Fruit Chew tastes like fruits, always remember that this is a drug like other erectile dysfunction drug and could lead to side effects. You should, therefore, use it once a qualified medical practitioner has prescribed it to you and ensure that you take only the dose recommended.

Some of the negative reactions that result from using Fildena Chewable pill are a headache, pain in the lower back region, constipation, muscle pain, dizziness, sensitivity to light or a blurred vision, among many others. Such reactions are mild and as soon as Fildena clears from the body, you will feel better. You can opt to use over-the-counter relievers for the pain and indigestion if they become unbearable. Other severe reactions may also occur which include abnormal heartbeat, extreme dizziness, inability to breath properly, loss of sight, priapism, among others. You will be required to get help if any of these serious side effects occur as it could put your life at risk.

Fildena Fruit Chew Reviews

There is a lot of positive feedback from men who have had an experience with Fildena Fruit Chew tablets. Gary Smith is among these customers and he says, the drug works really well and he did not have to take it with water which was really convenient for him. He is also glad that the price of the pill is quite affordable. Stanley McClendon says he had gotten tired of the conventional tablets and was glad when he discovered the chewable pills which are really exciting to consume. In addition, he says that despite the reduced price, the pills worked well and helped him get over his erectile dysfunction problem.

Fildena Fruit Chew customer reviews

Elmer Langston was really glad that he was able to enjoy the best moment of his sex experience after using Fildena fruit chew pills. He did not experience any of the side effects, making his experience one to remember. This clearly shows that it is possible to use Fildena Fruit Chew tablets and not experience any side effects.

Buy Fildena CT 100 Online

When buying Fildena Fruit Chew Tablets, be on the lookout to avoid buying fake medication from suspicious sites. You should look for a pharmacy that has positive reviews from those who have previously traded with them. Such pharmacies have their contacts well displayed as well as their location. They will also seek to know your medical history before they can sell the drugs to you. AS pharmacy that is quick to close the deal simply wants your money and it would not be a surprise to find out that those drugs are counterfeit.

Fildena CT Prices

10*100mg Fildena Fruit Chew pills will cost $34.95, an equivalent of $3.50 each pill. A higher number of drugs will cost much less as shown in the table above. For instance, 90*100mg tablets are sold at $148.50, which on average is $1.65 per pill.


Fildena Fruit Chew tablets are a great choice for a person who has difficulties in swallowing pills or simply dislikes the unpleasant taste of ordinary pills. The pills work really fast and you will not have to attract attention as you can discreetly put it in the mouth and you are done. Let a doctor guide you on the correct dose so that you do not suffer from adverse reactions as a result of taking the wrong dose. When buying online, ensure that you only buy original drugs. You can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies to guide you on choosing a credible pharmacy to buy original drugs at great prices.

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