Fildena 25: A Safe Medication for ED

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Fildena 25 is indicated for treating erectile dysfunction in men. Active ingredient for this drug is Sildenafil Citrate. Fildena 25 is the least strength that comes with Fildena anti-impotence medication. It is usually suitable for ED patients with medical conditions such as acute kidney failure as well as high blood pressure. Though not approved, it can be used to treat prostate cancer, a type of cancer common among men.

Fildena belongs to a family of drugs known as the PDE5 inhibitors that work by preserving the enzyme responsible for the relaxation of penile tissues. The vasodilation results in insufficient blood flowing into the penis to trigger a sustained erection that will enable a man to have satisfying sex with his partner. Fildena works with stimulation.

Note that, Fildena 25 is an active medication that should be procedurally dispensed and used. Your doctor will guide on this. The medicine is for oral administration. It is swallowed at least one hour of planned sexual intercourse.

Fildena 25 Reviews

Customer reviews give us a glimpse of the product’s effectiveness. It is through reports that we get to know how others say about a particular product. The available reviews for Fildena are encouraging. One of the users appreciates that after using Fildena, his erectile dysfunction issues were solved.

Fildena Reviews

Jim on his account says the pill rocks merely. This suggests that Fildena was able to give him the experience he was expecting. Besides this reviews, a decent manufacturer known for quality products called Fortuna Healthcare manufactures Fildena.

Customer Reviews for Fildena 25

This makes Fildena trustworthy and worth giving a try. However, it should be noted that this is not an endorsement but informative. We strongly advise that you see a doctor for better direction.

Fildena 25 Directions

Fildena 25 is available as a prescription drug. Before you think about using the drug, it is essential that you talk to a qualified medic for advice. It is a doctor that you will get a prescription to allow you to purchase Fildena 25. Let your doctor know if you on nitrates. Once you have acquired the medication, take them as directed. It is orally administered by mouth with a glass of water. You should check accompanying label for side effects and contraindications. Fildena 25 should be consumed at least 1 hour before sex to increase effectiveness and do not forget to get stimulated to draw benefits. Alcohol and fatty foods will interfere with the optimum efficacy of Fildena 25. In case of any problem, contact your doctor for advice.

Fildena Vs. Viagra

Fildena is a generic version of Viagra. They contain the same active ingredient, which is Sildenafil citrate. On efficacy, research has shown that they are equals as they serve the same purpose more or less the same. Viagra is more popular compared to Fildena having been launched back in 1998. Given that the two drugs have the same effectiveness, they compliment each other.

If you are living on a lean budget, then Fildena is the drug for you. It is much cheaper costing an average $3 from most drugstores. Viagra, on the other hand, costs $9. The other notable difference is that they have varied manufacturers. Pfizer manufactures Viagra while Fortune Healthcare develops Fildena.

Fildena 100 Mg How to Take

Fildena 100 Mg comes as a pill that should be taken according to the doctor’s prescription. 100 Mg is the maximum dosage allowed per day. Take medicine orally with the help of water. The pill should be consumed at least 60 minutes of planned sex. Note that you must be sexually stimulated to get the best of the drug. Alcohol should not be taken alongside the medication because it has a depressing effect. Fatty foods can also hamper the effectiveness of Fildena. In case you are faced with difficulty using Fildena 100, be free to contact your doctor.

Fildena Online Pharmacy

Fildena is available from most online pharmacies. The process of purchasing the drugs is simple and straightforward. Once you have internet connectivity, you can surf to the right platform where you can make your orders. It is essential to get it right with the identification of a credible vendor. Accredited online pharmacies will guarantee you quality and safe deliveries of Fildena. Note that, you will be required to meet the cost of shipping your orders of Fildena. Airmail Service will charge you $9 while Express Mail Service will charge you $19. However, most top stores will, ship free of charge for orders of more than $200. Consider checking our carefully selected List of Online Pharmacies that offer very affordable Fildena in different dosages.


Fildena 25 is a conventional drug that will help you overcome your erectile dysfunction disorders. It contains Sildenafil Citrate as its active ingredient. The medication is generic to Viagra. The medicine has been approved by the US-based Food and Drugs Agency. Fildena is a prescription medication whose use and dispensing must be directed by a medic. This lowest strength of Fildena serves the purpose of treating erectile dysfunction in men suffering from contraindicated medical conditions such as acute kidney failures and chronic heart attacks. Order the medication from credible drugstores. When buying your supplies of Fildena, make sure to check with our Top rated stores.

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