Fildena 100 Directions: Take Fildena Correctly and Enjoy Its Benefits

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Fildena is a drug that helps men by restoring their ability to get and keep an erection that is strong enough. However, for any man to enjoy the benefits that this medication from Fortune Healthcare offers, taking it correctly is essential. If you take the drug in excess, you will end up overdosing. Overdosing is the major reason as to why some men complain about side effects. If you take the drug in a dosage that is lower than what your body requires, you will end up not feeling the benefits that the drug offers.

Men who want to kick impotence out of their lives have been looking online in order to find the best dosage at which they can take Fildena and hence avoid having to deal with impotence. Although this is a question that can only be answered by a qualified health professional, there are some few rules about taking the drug that have already been established by doctors. Let’s look at these rules.

How to Take Fildena

The first thing that you must do when you are taking Fildena 100 is to observe its timing. This medication contains sildenafil citrate as the main ingredient. Sildenafil citrate is a compound that requires time in order to do its job of inhibiting the PDE5 enzyme. The recommended timing and the one that will work for any man is taking sildenafil citrate about an hour before the time you intend to engage in an intimate session with your partner.


Fildena fruit chew

Depending on which type of Fildena you will be taking, it will determine how you will ingest the drug. For example, the normal Fildena should be swallowed using a glass of water while the Fildena fruit chew tablet should be chewed before swallowing. For men who need this medication to act faster, you will need to take the medication before you eat anything. All PDE5 inhibitors get absorbed faster into the bloodstream if the user takes them when the stomach is empty.

The dosage that has been proven to be safe even for those who are using Fildena for the very first time is 50mg. This means that even if you purchase 100mg tablets, you will need to cut the tablets into two equal pieces in order to take extra 50mg. 50mg, however, is not the maximum dosage. For men whose body cannot achieve any significant benefits from the 50mg dosage, the doctor can increase the dosage to the recommended maximum of 100mg. If the men cannot achieve an erection at 100mg, Fildena Extra Power is available which contains 150mg sildenafil citrate. If you take 50mg and then feel that you are suffering from severe side effects, your doctor can cut down the dosage to a lesser dosage. But, you have to let a qualified doctor determine your dosage. You don’t want to end up in a hospital nursing health defects which arise from overdosing on sildenafil citrate.

Fildena 100 Reviews

If you follow all your doctor’s directions when you are taking Fildena, you will be guaranteed a healthy sex life. You will not have to deal with erectile dysfunction and also the side effects will not be available. Just telling you this might not be enough to convince you that Fildena is safe. The following reviews will prove it to you:

Fildena Consumer Feedback

After taking Fildena, Mandingo had to rate this drug with five stars due to the great results that he got from it. He says that the drug is the truth. This indicates how pleased he is with the results that the drug offered. He doesn’t even need a whole pill he only takes half a pill. This means that he only requires 50mg to achieve great results. Anything more than 50mg becomes an overdose for him.


Fildena Consumer Comment

After using Fildena 100 on several occasions, Tom realized that the medication works just like the brand drug. The drug however only required him to pay a fraction of the price for which he paid for the brand Viagra. He also takes a 50mg dosage and the results that he gets are awesome.

Fildena User Testimonial

Jimmie says that after ordering Fildena and using it for his impotence, he found it to be amazing. He feels the drug’s effect for a few days after he has taken it initially. The drug gives him a very high sex drive too. According to him, Fildena is not a waste of money.

The key to ensuring your success with Fildena is to ensure that you follow your doctor’s directions when taking it. If you do that, there is no way that you will not be able to enjoy your bedroom life. The only question that remains unanswered is the question of where to buy Fildena.

Fildena Online Pharmacy

Men achieve more success when buying their drugs online. The reasons behind this are obvious. The first reason is that these men enjoy buying drugs without a prescription. Online stores offer this chance to these men. Fildena is far much cheaper online. This gives men a chance to save their money and put it into other uses. Fildena 100 cost online is as follows:

Fildena 100 Cost

The highest price is only $1.65. This goes down to under a dollar when you purchase a package that contains 120 pills and above. The cheapest price is available when you buy a 270-pill package. This gives you a chance to put $222.75 into other uses.

Cases of scamming and conning are rampant online. You cannot know who is real and who is unreal online. This is why you will need to avoid the random pharmacies that you find online. Instead, ensure that the drugstore you buy from has positive reviews and a great reputation. The top Vendors that we suggest to you have been serving patients for decades without any complaints. Buying from them will ensure that your health remains intact.


Knowing how to take a drug ensures that you succeed in achieving the desired results. This article helps you achieve success when taking Fildena 100. This is a medication that helps men treat impotence. If you are thinking of achieving success by getting Fildena and using it, there is one thing that you need to do before you use it. Visit a doctor and have him determine the best dosage for you. Never guess a drug’s dosage. Also, in order to ensure that you are safe, make sure that you don’t take any medications originating from a pharmacy that has no record of business online or positive reviews from customers. For safety, order drugs from a store that has positive reviews and a huge number of repeat customers. The top vendors that we recommend to you have these qualities.

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