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Maintained and regularly updated by a team of medical experts, N-o-r-t-h.com carries all the information you would need to avoid being scammed by fake online pharmacies. We invest our time in researching different generic medications, testing their effectiveness, and analyzing their level of safety. generic pills

Once a brand-name medication loses its patent protection, a wide range of companies get the opportunity to produce it. Not all of these manufacturers follow the necessary standards and guidelines in the production process. 

This means that the generic market has both effective and non-effective meds. Testing a wide range of generic pills, we create detailed reviews, carrying all the information you would need to separate the unsafe and unreliable meds from those that will improve your health.  

While brand-name drugs are often advertised as the most effective treatments, their generic versions are just as effective. However, with minimal exposure and limited availability in the local pharmacies, most people don’t know about the drugs. medicine

We work around the clock to ensure that you are informed about the latest generic pills. Costing just a fraction of the price you often pay for your brand-name pills, generic pills help you stay healthy without making a big dent in your bank account. 

If you are new to a specific medication, understanding how it works beforehand can help you make an informed decision. At N-o-r-t-h.com, we take a deeper look at how different pills work. For example, when looking at different versions of generic Viagra, we will detail how the active ingredient – that is, sildenafil citrate – works to eliminate erectile dysfunction. 

Nowadays, a lot of people are dealing with different health problems. While some of them are easy to understand and treat, most of them are complicated. The medical team at N-o-r-t-h.com will help you understand the underlying causes of various health problems and how to eliminate these problems with the right generic meds.

Our Experts

Robert SheldonRobert Sheldon

Cardiac Sciences, Medicine, Medical Genetics

Dr Robert Sheldon received his PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Colorado in 1973 and completed a postdoctoral fellowship with Sydney Brenner, then received an MD from the University of Toronto in 1981. He is a cardiac arrhythmia specialist and Professor of Cardiac Sciences, Medicine, and Medical Genetics at the University of Calgary, and among other roles was Senior Vice President Research, Alberta Health Services and Associate Dean Clinical Research, University of Calgary. He was on the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Governing Council and its committees for 9 years. He is a Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society, Canadian Cardiovascular Society, and the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. His research program is in cardiovascular autonomic physiology and its disorders, among which is vasovagal syncope. It has a strong translational orientation, aimed at understanding the causes of syncope, and developing simple, accessible, and effective approaches to its diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. This was recognized by the Annual Achievement Award of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society in 2016 and the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Arrhythmia Alliance in 2018.

Vic FroelicherVic Froelicher

Clinical Researcher at Cardiacinsight, Inc

A Professor of Medicine who started his cardiology career at the USAF School of Aerospace Medicine performing cardiac screening of pilots, astronauts and military athletes. He is an international expert in clinical exercise physiology, ECGs, screening and the exercise sciences. He is a co-author of the textbook “Exercise and the Heart. Since 1992, he has been the major consultant to Stanford Sports Medicine and participated in the pre-participation exam of all Stanford athletes and professional teams in their care.