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Texas Chemist is a US-based online pharmacy that serves US customers only. They can only deliver their products in the US thru USPS or United States Postal Service. Most of the medicines offered by Texas Chemist are erectile dysfunction medicines and all are generic brands.

Texas Chemist is a network of online dispensaries that offer affordable ED drugs to Americans. These medicines are manufactured in India and are stocked in the US, ready for delivery. Among the things that this grid of online pharmacies offers:

  • Next day delivery on all orders except on federal holidays. Orders placed after 8 in the evening are considered as next-day orders
  • They offer low-cost generic erectile dysfunction medicines. A branded Viagra costs around $8 to $20 in a local US pharmacy but a generic Viagra costs only $2.08 per tablet at Texas Chemist
  • They offer 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • They process the cancellation of order, refund, and the return of the order if all requirements are met. Requirements are thoroughly discussed on their policy page

As a cluster of online pharmacies that serves its customers with the most affordable and effective medicines in the market, Texas Chemist is proud to say that they have been doing it for the last 12 years.

TexasChemist Reviews

Bad reviews can be catastrophic. If you manage an online store and you keep on getting bad reviews from your customers, chances are you will be out of business in a few months. Online customers are now trusting customer reviews to the point of using it as their personal guide when shopping online. Luckily for Texas Chemist, having a bad review is not something that they have to worry about.

Texas Chemist Customer Feedback

After searching the internet for possible Texas Chemist reviews, we found these ones from Glenn, Stewart, Mark, and Ken. All feedback given to Texas Chemist are positive and among standout comments they gave are as follows:

  • Texas Chemist has a helpful customer support team
  • Texas Chemist offers and delivers effective Cialis pills
  • Texas Chemist compensate their customer with gifts as needed
  • Texas Chemist has a very responsive customer support team
  • Texas Chemist offers effective medicines
  • Texas Chemist offers working generic Viagra pills

Texaschemist Online Reputation


These given comments by the customers of Texas Chemist reveal a few things about this network of e-stores, they invested on good customer support team to ensure that all of their customers are highly satisfied not only with the products they deliver but also with the service they provide.

TexasChemist Online

Using Texas Chemist for your erectile dysfunction problem is very easy. They require a credit card for payment and once approved, your order will be packed and shipped to your given address the following day (unless it is a federal holiday). USPS delivers orders for Texas Chemist.

Texas Chemist Home Page
Texas Chemist is an affiliate network of online pharmacies. All medicines offered by this network are from India and are generic medicines. A quick glance at the list of available medicines suggests that Texas Chemist e-stores are focused on offering erectile dysfunction medicines. Aside from popular ED brands, they also offer generic Propecia for hair loss, Lasix, and Cytotec.

Ordering from Texas Chemist is easy, as they do not require a prescription. Once you have chosen the medicine you want to purchase, click on ‘buy now’ then click on ‘checkout.’ On the checkout page, you will have to input your card information for payment. Once your bank approves the transaction, the order will be completed and your medicine will be packed discreetly for delivery the following day.

TexasChemist Coupon Codes

Texas Chemist wants their products to become as affordable as possible. They are doing this by selling their medicines at the lowest price possible incorporated with benefits of being a Texas Chemist a customer. These benefits doesn’t include coupon codes though. Among the benefits that Texas Chemist offers is:

  • Satisfaction guaranteed service and products
  • Trial packs at a very affordable price
  • Upgrade on selected medicines that can give up to 70% discount
  • Increasing discount on returning customers. Increasing discount means getting 5% discount on your second visit and 7% discount on your succeeding orders

Texas Chemist Deal

TexasChemist Phone Numbers

If you have questions about Texas Chemist and its offers, you can easily dial 702 965 3395 and talk to a live person. Their phone support team is available all day. In addition to their phone service, they also have a chat support team that can answer queries right away.

Texas Chemist Contact Numbers

If you have a question and the answer can wait, you can just shoot them a message using their contact us page. The response to your query will be sent to the email you provided.

TexasChemist Spam and Phone Calls

All online consumers have one fear, that their information will be used in fraudulent activities or that it will be used for marketing purposes. Who would want to receive phone calls about medicines that you might not need in the middle of the night? Texas Chemist understands that these annoying calls and emails won’t win them a new customer hence they do not practice email and call spamming.


Texas Chemist is a group of internet drugstores that offer generic medicines manufactured by local Indian pharmaceutical companies. These medicines are brought to the US and are stocked in the US for easier delivery upon ordering. These medicines are Indian FDA approved and are certified by the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940. For their dedication to providing affordable and safe ED medicines to Americans in the last decade, we are giving Texas Chemist a rating of 5 stars.

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