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It is common for erectile dysfunction medications to come in different forms. Fildena comes in several forms including in the purple tablet.

Each of the purple tablets contains 100 mg sildenafil citrate which helps in freeing you from the painful ordeal of not having an erection when you need one. The inability to have an erection when you need it could make you want to give up on intimacy and stop trying since you know the embarrassing outcome. This feeling occurs mostly when you have tried many things, yet you do not seem to see an improvement. Several men have said that Fildena has done a good job in giving them an erection when needed. It would do a great job in helping you get an erection when needed. We say this with hope because it is a drug that has been compared to the very popular Viagra a drug that is the very first and still the most trusted erectile dysfunction treatment brand in the world. For a drug to be compared with this drug implies that it is top-notch and highly effective. Another factor to consider is that Fildena employs the same active ingredient this popular drug employs. And this is why it is referred to as a generic brand. Over a few years, Fildena has shown a great efficacy in alleviating impotence in men experiencing it. Let’s go through more information about this med.

Fildena 100 Directions

It is very good to learn the appropriate directions on how to use Fildena. This would ensure that the drug works for you and it would also ensure that your safety. Many times you hear people say that a drug did not work for them, sometimes it is as a result of using the drug wrongly. For example, if you use this drug and you consume alcoholic substances it would never work to give you an erection that would last as the alcoholic substance would hinder its action. Another example is the popular warning to refrain from the consumption of fatty and heavy meals while ingesting this drug for ED treatment. Heavy meals and fats make the drug inefficacious.

There are other things that must be learned in order to derive the best from this med. Fildena 100 is a high dosage, therefore, precautions must be taken. A tablet of Fildena 100 should be taken 30 minutes prior to lovemaking. And ensure you refrain from alcoholic consumption, fats, and grapefruit juice. Staying away from these substances would ensure that the drug works efficaciously and you do not have unwanted side effects. You can ask your doctor for that would be appropriate for you, but in general, it is always safe to start with lesser dosages. Hence, you can spill the Fildena 100 pill into two equal halves with a pill splitter. Doing this would make you have two 50 mg of this med and also would make you save cost. Bear in mind that the dosage that may be perfect for another may not be the case for you. Therefore, avoid taking a particular dosage because of another individual.

Fildena 100 Reviews

From what we see about the experience of the users of this drug, it is very effective. However, the body composition or anatomy is different with each individual. Thus, if a drug works for one, it does not necessarily interpret the fact that it would work for the other. This is why you often hear that a drug worked for one person but it was ineffective for another person. But reviews generally point to whether a drug delivers its claims or not, whether it is safe and whether you have a chance at being treated by this drug. And Fildena has gathered a high number of positive reviews that attest to its efficacy and safety. This implies that you have a chance of your ED being treated by this med. Let’s go through a few of the reviews real quick.

Fildena 100 Feedback Fildena 100 Reviews

The above image represents the experiences of some of the users that have taken this drug. They all had good things to say about Fildena 100. Martin tells us that Fildena helped solve his erectile issues. The second user, Richard, says that the troubles in his sex life have been alleviated by Fildena. These reviews show that this med is effective in treating erection problems. Therefore, you have a great chance of being treated by this drug.

Fildena 100 USA

Fildena is a generic brand created by a reputable Indian pharmaceutical company. It is effective and effective in price. It can be said to be a cheaper Viagra since they have the same content and it was made to serve as an equivalent. It is very popular in India and also highly demanded in several countries around the world. If you are in the United States and you desire to have access to this medication. That is very easy!

Fildena Purple Image

You can always make a purchase from an online pharmacy and you would have it delivered to you in a twinkle of an eye. For the pharmacies that we recommend, you buy your Fildena from, check our top list of recommended pharmacies.


With a great list of ED drugs that you can try, Fildena represents one of the most effective on the list. Its efficacy has made it continually widen the momentum it has and for this reason, it is referred to as the most awaited ED brand in the world. From what we see, it could e your way out of the erectile dysfunction ordeal. Check our top list of recommended pharmacies from where you can get this drug from. And as we always advise, please make sure you are vigilant of scammers. Beware of them.

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