Diamond Shaped Blue Pill: Renown Impotence Medication

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Diamond shaped blue pill, brand Viagra is a leading brand for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in me. The active ingredient in the drug is Sildenafil. The Diamond shaped blue pill was the first impotence drug to be approved by the US Food and Drug Agency, and it has since become the popular most among ED victims. It is every family’s dream to live a satisfying sexual life, and when disorders such as erectile dysfunction set in to deny them the pleasure, there is a cause to worry. Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition affects men’s sexual capabilities. A man will no longer have hard erections for sex. This emanates from an overtime constriction of the blood vessels. This thinning of veins will starve the penis of sufficient blood, and as we all know, blood is the ingredient needed for erections.

The diamond-shaped blue pill’s overall objective is to allow more blood flow into the penis. Enzyme cGMP is responsible for the vasodilation of the blood vessels to underscore the work of the diamond-shaped blue pill. There is also another substance called PDE5 that works against cGMP. The presence of PDE5 results in the degradation of cGMP. The medication preserves cGMP by blocking PDE5. The Diamond blue shaped pill takes effect only with stimulation.

The medicine is associated with Pfizer, a leading US-based pharmaceutical company. The company has an excellent portfolio of a range of products that are of high quality with a high market approval rating. Most of the company’s products including the Diamond blue shaped have the FDA sanction with a global market.

Blue Triangle Pill 100

This is a generic of Viagra that has taken the shape of a triangle. There is scanty information on the drug, something that should prompt you to do more research on its effectiveness in treating erectile dysfunction for which it is designed for. The drug is supposed to be having the Sildenafil as its active ingredient, and it is meant for oral administration. When taking the drug, take by mouth with a glass of water. Indicated side effects are similar to those of brand Viagra. Always consult with your doctor before deciding to use the drug, and you can also consider taking its sildenafil alternatives.

Blue Pill 100 Viagra

Viagra 100 is manufactured as a blue pill and used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. This is the maximum allowed dose per day for the brand Viagra. It is a tablet medicine that should be taken by way of mouth with the aid of a glass of water. It should be consumed at least one hour of planned sexual activity. The medication is not a hormone hence must be stimulated to work. Alcohol may reduce its effectiveness as well as fatty foods. An empty stomach is the best to take the drug into. The pill is contraindicated in patients receiving nitrates or those with acute kidney failures.

Blue Pill Viagra 100 Price

Blue Pill Viagra 100 costs $9 on average for a pack of 4 tablets from leading online pharmaceutical stores. Consider purchasing is large quantities to have this price lower.

Diamond Shaped Blue Pill N Imprint

This drug looks like Viagra and is thought to be its generic given that it contains Sildenafil 100 mg as its active ingredient. The drug is blue in color, a diamond in shape with an engraving of N on one side and 100 on the side. It is a product from Canada Manufactured by Teva, a subsidiary of the US-based pharmaceutical company. It is indicated for the remedy of erection related disorders just like the brand Viagra. It is an oral medication that should be dispensed by your doctor. Always use the drug as indicated to avoid severe side effects which may include a headache, indigestion and hot flushing.

Blue Diamond Pill Side Effects

The use of the drug is not without side effects. The commonly reported side effects include a headache, hot flushes, nauseating feelings, and indigestion. Others may include changes in color, light sensitivity, numbness, skin rash, blurry vision and running nose. These all side effects should not worry you as they automatically disappear after 24 hours. Painful, persistent erections have been reported on the rare scale. Look out for this kind of adverse side effect and register it with your doctor.


The diamond-shaped blue pill is a medication used to alleviate cases of erectile dysfunction in adult men. The drug has Sildenafil as its active ingredient. The medicine is designed exclusively for men and should be prescribed by a physician. It works by creating an environment for more blood to flow into the penis to trigger an erection. Pfizer the pharmaceutical manufacturer associated with the drug is a world-renowned firm that has topped the ranks for years running. It is highly reputable with market presence in over 120 countries worldwide. Its quality products have the FDA approval hence are decent to use. Ordering this drug from a legit online vendor will save you the cost as well as the scams. You can consider purchasing this drug from Top-rated Drugstores on our Recommendation List.

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