Free Cialis Samples – Can I Really Get Cialis for free?

 Cialis belongs to the drug class called phosphodiesterase inhibitors and is considered a drug-related to Viagra and Levitra, two of the other known impotencetreatments available for consumers. Cialis is from the company Eli Lilly, United States-based company with a long history of drug manufacturing.

Free Cialis Samples – Can I Really Get Cialis for free?

Cialis 20 mg Pills from Eli Lilly

There is no problem with the drug Cialis—what concerns the buyers is the drug’s price. Albeit highly potent in assisting males to regain their virility, this product imposes a huge financial burden on the consumers due to its exorbitant price. Because of this, buyers are seeking ways to mitigate costs when it comes to their Cialis purchases—some consumers shifted to generic Cialis purchases (which are leagues cheaper than the local pharmacy prices), while some buyers who intend to purchase the brand name sought coupons, vouchers, and freebie Cialis pills available for their use.

Where to Get Free Cialis Samples Online

Good news for male patients – you can get free Cialis samples online, and this is not clickbait or a marketing strategy with a catch. You can really obtain free Cialis samples online, no strings attached. There are online pharmacies capable of offering genuine Cialis and a “genuine” offer of freebie pills without requiring you to purchase anything from them.

Take for instance—this shop offers the following freebies to consumers without obliging them to make any purchase:

Free Cialis Samples by

Comparing the $29 fee to the usual Cialis local pharmacy price, the trial Cialis pack with shipping charge is still relatively more affordable. Online stores offering free Cialis samples usually do not ask for prescriptions, making the transactions even more hassle-free for the buyers.

Free Viagra Soft Samples by allows consumers to get 10 free Viagra pills for the buyers, provided that they are willing to pay for the shipping cost for the freebie pills. According to the information from the store, the shipping cost is not free, hence the fee of $29 for the regular shipping.

Free Viagra Samples by Viabestbuy

Besides the free Cialis trial packs, some online drugstores are also offering free Viagra samples for the buyers. Like the Cialis pills, though, the shipping for the free Viagra samples is not free and therefore incurs additional shipping costs for the buyers to shoulder.

The free sample pills with the added fee sound quite reasonable since not all online pharmacies are capable of offering freebie pills with only an addition of the shipping rate.

Free Cialis Voucher

The search for free Cialis samples and vouchers still consume consumers, especially ones who have chronic erectile dysfunction. Buyers still look for Cialis vouchers at discussion websites and ask around for possible discounts for Cialis purchases. Here is one response to a user looking for free Cialis samples online:

Response to a User Looking for Free Cialis Samples

According to this response from “MedicationCounseling” a user at one renowned web platform, patients can take advantage of free trial offers from the manufacturer website for the drug Cialis. This user also suggested that the patient in question should consult his local pharmacy for the most effective and cost-effective treatment schedule for his Cialis prescription to help him maximize his savings.

Cialis Website

If you can’t find any free Cialis promotional offer available online, you can always consider using coupons for Cialis purchases. Some renowned websites are offering free coupons for buyers to use at local drugstores. Let’s take this Cialis coupon from Costco—according to this, buyers can save $24.80 on their purchases in Costco using the coupon. This is for 30 pills of the Cialis 5 mg (Eli Lilly)—besides this, there are several other options available for consumers depending on the quantity of the pills to purchase and their preference for the dosage strength.

Local Drugstore Prices for Cialis

There are helpful websites consumers can use when it comes to coupons and vouchers for the brand and generic drugs. We tried to look for discounts for brand Cialis 20 mg and we have encountered on web platform with offers for the product (shown in the image above). According to the price list, consumers can purchase 10 Cialis 20 mg tablets using the coupons available, for at least $535.43 to $535.43, as opposed to the $693 to $745 usual local pharmacy market price for the drug Cialis.

Although these coupons are available, consumers still find the drug Cialis quite expensive, hence the search for other options, like free Cialis samples online.

Free Cialis Samples: Cialis Website

According to some sources, the Cialis website from Eli Lilly is able to provide discounts and free pills for the consumers. Some users urge other buyers about using the website to get freebie Cialis pills, especially for first-time users of the drug.

However, during our latest check up on the website, we were unable to find buyer discounts, vouchers, or free Cialis samples from the company. The promotion may have already expired at the time of our visit—Eli Lilly may have stopped offering the promo since the drug is already popular amongst users.

How to Get Cialis Without Doctor Prescriptions

When free Cialis samples are discussed, consumers often think about getting Cialis products without any doctor scripts. Is it really possible for consumers to order Cialis or any erectile dysfunction treatment without any recommendation from the doctor? Actually, Cialis remains a prescription drug to this day—there are still no approvals for the drug’s over the counter status—unlike Viagra, which was recently approved by the United Kingdom as an over the counter drug in the form of Viagra Connect. Cialis, on the other hand, is still exclusively prescription-only.

Despite the austere laws governing the distribution of Cialis locally, there are certain ways buyers can consider for near-to-prescription-less purchases of Cialis. Here are some of the ways one can do to go around the prescription-only status of the drug:

  • Purchase alternatives – If you need over the counter Cialis stat and you’re without any prescription to show, you can consider using “alternative” treatments or herbal medicines available at your local drugstores instead. You can’t expect the same potency from these medicines, though, but they may be able to assist you until you obtain a legal prescription for your Cialis need.
  • No-RX online drugstores – If you’re daring enough to try online drugstores with absolutely no requirements for prescriptions whatsoever, you can go ahead. Some online pharmacies offer lenient services and do not oblige consumers to provide RX or some form of medical history. This is ideal for patients needing refills for their former prescriptions but cannot obtain repeat prescriptions from their doctors—this is not recommended for buyers without any consulting experience with any doctor. However, make sure that the store you’re dealing with is legit and selling genuine generic medications.
  • Online consultations – Other online pharmacies provide some form of medical assessment, like online erectile dysfunction assessment forms which can replace face to face consultations. On the other hand, other web pharmacies also provide teleconsultation services, as well as remote video consultations.

How to Buy Cialis Online

Since the cost of Cialis is still high and because there are still no available generic options for Tadalafil at local drugstores especially in the ones located in the United States, online pharmacy purchases for Cialis are still highly considered by the buyers.

There is actually no problem in purchasing Cialis online—the glut of online pharmacies out there makes the internet an interesting marketplace for Cialis medicines. However, the wide spectrum of choices when it comes to online pharmacies is also one of the web’s pitfalls—buyers are more susceptible to scammers more than ever due to the diversity of stores available on the internet.

To make your online shopping for Cialis safer, here are some tips you may want to consider using whenever looking for a web pharmacy to patronize:

  • Look for online pharmacies with a long service history
  • Reviews are important—consider using online pharmacies with loads of reviews, especially from verified buyers and third-party websites
  • Make sure that the store you’re planning on dealing with are offering genuine medications from renowned generic suppliers
  • Ask around—snoop at forum websites, ask users about their purchases on a certain website, or stalk former buyers to see if they are real people with real purchases
  • Verify the contact details presented on the store—reach out to the shop’s support team and do a test message to see how responsive they are to your inquiries

If you want an easier way to search for the best Cialis stores online, you can always consider using our rundown of Top Online Vendors for the year.


Free Cialis samples are often offered at your urologist’s office, but he can’t always continue on giving you freebie Cialis pills for your medical condition. There are other options you can use—you can try searching for coupons to mitigate your Cialis cost at local drugstores; however, most of these coupons only apply to US-based pharmacies.

No-strings-attached freebie pills is a possibility—buyers can indeed find suppliers willing to send freebie Cialis pills, although buyers need to pay the shipping fee for the products. This is a reasonable compromise; however, you need to make sure that the store you’re transacting with is legit and trustworthy so you won’t end up scammed for the alleged shipping fee in exchange for the free pills. allows consumers to get 10 free Viagra pills for the buyers, provided that they are willing to pay for the shipping cost for the freebie pills.